About Knightwatch Alarms

Our Company

Knightwatch Alarms is a security & safety solutions provider in Toronto, ON. We assess, implement, and maintain the essential components to keep Residential and Commercial clients secure and protected.
What makes us different from the “Standard Alarm Company”? We take a global approach to safety by encompassing diversified solutions to meet each client’s unique security objectives.
Our History
Adam Tolkin, founder and co-owner of Knightwatch Alarms began his technical apprenticeship in the security industry for JF Alarms in Dublin, Ireland. Continuing his internship in Canada, Adam joined the team of Golan Alarms before opening its Toronto office in 1989.
With a keen understanding of the security industry and superior expertise in product technology Knightwatch Alarms emerged in the security sector servicing the residential clients of Toronto & the GTA, and commercial organizations across Canada.
With the dedication and genuine concern for the safety of others, Knightwatch Alarms evolved its security solutions to encapsulate the notion that it was not just an Alarm Company. Knightwatch Alarms. in tandem with alarm installations, has created an infrastructure of diversified solution for their clients. Its growth over the past 3 decades is a credit to the core values in which it was originally established.

Our Values

Integrity :
Our “no compromise” philosophy is a key factor to our operation, maintaining high standards in both customer care and installation techniques to ensure that every client is properly secured and satisfied.
Accountability :
All service, installations, and support staff are performed by Knightwatch's own highly trained staff. Techniicans are WHIMS certified and WSIB insured.

Trustworthy :

Knightwatch Alarms prides itself in offering our unique “no contract” feature. We stand behind our pledge to deliver quality security products and services.

Dependable :4 hours a day, 365 days a year Knightwatch is there for you. Our customer care, emergency and central monitoring departments are staffed around the clock to serve and protect you.

Client Satisfaction :
Our growth is a direct result of customer referrals. The confidence gained by our clients is greatly valued and a compliment to our commitment for ensuring the best in security and safety care.

Our Team:
From inception to completion, and ongoing support, Knightwatch Alarms is backed by a committed group of people with a wealth of expertise and experience. As a result, we do not employ a sales team of individuals. Our client’s security is our main priority. Every assessment and installation is provided by our own certified technicians with hands on knowledge of the safety and security Industry.
Our customer care, emergency and central monitoring departments are staffed by local, qualified individuals. This local presence allows us to provide our clients with a personalized level of service. Each time you contact our office, you are speaking to a Knightwatch team member in Toronto.