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User Manuals

DSC Quick Guide

1832/1616/1864 User Manual

PC 1500/1550 User Manual

PC 3000 User Manual


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Update Your Contact And User List

Winter Checklist:

Smoke Detectors:

Check the Smoke Detector. Fires in the home occur most frequently in the winter time. Be sure to replace the alarms every 10 years and replace batteries regularly if applicable. If you are not sure how long you have had your smoke detectors in your home, please give us a call.

Do An Alarm Test:

It is very important to check that your alarm system is performing at optimal performance. It is recommended that you perform this test monthly with your local monitoring station. They can advise you on the status of your alarm system. This will allow us to address any issues that may have been detected. 

Update Your Contact List:

You need to be contacted in the event of an an alarm activation. Please ensure that your contact list is up to date with a current list of who is to be contacted with correct or updated phone numbers. If you are going away on vacation, please call or e-mail us with the dates you will be away and any alternate people who can be contacted if you are unable to be reached.

Did You Get Rid Of Your Home Line Or Change Your Phone Provider?:

Remember! Your phone line needs to be connected in order for any alarm signals to be sent to the monitoring station. If you have disconnected your phone line and just using your cell phone as your primary home phone, you are not being monitored. Please call us and we will install a GSM - a cellular communication device connected to your alarm system. If you have changed your phone service provider, please ensure that the technician has reconnected the phone line to the alarm system. We recommend that you call the monitoring station while the technician is still there so they can test the alarm signals.