Residential Alarms Systems​​

1. Evaluate​​

​Our free on-site evaluation is performed by our experienced and knowledgeable technicians. We will discuss and assess your security needs, and design customized solutions to ensure that you have the right protection. With a personalized visit, we can address your questions & concerns and provide the appropriate recommendations based on our expertise and your lifestyle.

2. Install

All Knightwatch installations are executed by our highly trained technicians. Installations, upgrades, and alarm takeovers are professional, efficient, and hassle free. With full on-site training, together we will review the systems functionality, including our protocols and procedures.

3. Support

We supports all aspects of your security experience.
Our team works around the clock 365 days a year to address your questions or concerns,provide technical support, and on the road service should the need arise. Our ULC Monitoring department is staffed 24/7 ensuring that your

home is safe and secure.​​

​​Stay Protected​​​​

Intrusion Detection
Fire Detection
Carbon Monoxide Detection
Water & Flood Detection
High/Low Temperature Detection
Medical Alarm

Stay Connected
Remote Arm/Disarm Your 
Security System
Real-time Alert Notifications

By E-mail or Text
Real-time Video Monitoring
Dedicated Wireless Monitoring
24/7 Alarm Monitoring

Stay Safe​​​

Security Lighting
Window and Screen Protection
Live And Recorded Camera Surveillance.
Safes & Safety Locks
Vacation Services
Smart-Door Bell

Connect Via
Phone Line
GSM Cellular


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