1. Remote Arm/Disarm
    Having the ability to arm and disarm your security system from your smartphone or any web-enabled device no matter where you are ensures your business and employees are always protected when you need them to be. Gone are the days of wondering whether you remembered to set the alarm!
  2. Text & Email Notification
    Get real time and/or notification texts of alarm events. Keep track of who is entering or leaving the house. Let's you know if a burglar, fire, temperature or medical signal has been detected.
  3. Real Time Video Monitoring
    Video Surveillance cameras are a great crime deterrent, because those planning on invading your home will know that their activities are being watched, and possibly recorded. Since burglars prefer to do their work undetected, any signs of surveillance will cause them to reconsider. Can be viewed in real time using any smart device.
  4. 24/7 Monitoring
    24 hour protection for your business and home Immediate response times Customized to your needs Keeping you safe and secure Protection and peace of mind Stay connected wherever you are
  5. Wireless Monitoring
    Wireless monitoring serve two key purposes: firstly, they act as a fail-safe measure when your phone line is not functioning or has been deliberately cut and secondly, they serve as a backup and guard against typical technical failures and maintenance shutdowns. This means that your alarm can still send a signal when your phone line is down.